Our founder, Elder Willie G. Baylor, Sr., was one of two children born to T.C. and Josephine Baylor on December 7, 1929 in ‘Porterville, Mississippi. Elder W.G. Baylor married Mattie E. Triplett on January 24, 1950. They moved to St. Louis, Missouri later that year. Upon arrival, they became members of the Rose of Sharon Baptist Church under the leadership of Reverend George W. Clark.

In 1957, through a series of divine revelations, Elder W.G. Baylor acknowledged God as a higher power in his life. To that date he had never sat under the preaching of a Pentecostal preacher.

God dealt with him personally as he walked in the light known to him. He was not baptized in Jesus Name nor filled with the Holy Ghost. In 1957, upon entering the hospital for test, he met a man suffering from a serious illness. He was moved to pray for the man; God miraculously healed him.

Two days after being released, while at home (3711 Garfield Avenue), he received the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues as the Spirit gave utterance. After receiving the Holy Ghost, he remained at the Rose of Sharon Baptist Church. Through his preaching, though limited, many souls began seeking higher heights in God. This move of God caused a conflict with the pastor of the church, causing Elder Baylor’s membership to be terminated.

After leaving Rose of Sharon, he continued the prayer band he had started in his home (1510 North Grand) in 1959. God blessed his efforts as he went from house to house conducting meetings. Soon he set up a permanent meeting place in the basement of his home. Many souls were added to the prayer band. In 1961, the late Bishop Austin A. Layne, Sr., pastor of the Temple Church of Christ, baptized him in the Name of Jesus.?As the prayer band grew, Elder W.G. Baylor was moved to establish a church in a storefront at 3903 Garfield Avenue, which became known as Church of God Apostolic. Many souls were added and the church grew under his leadership.

Many members from the previous church, including the pastor and his wife, followed Elder Baylor. Later, many received the Holy Ghost and were baptized in Jesus Name in a baptismal pool constructed in the home of Elder W.G. and Sister M.E. Baylor at 3645 Hebert Street. In the mid sixties, under the late Bishop P. L. Scott, the Church of God Apostolic became a member of the Midwestern District Council.

In 1970, the church moved to 2601 North Prairie Avenue and changed its name to Faith Miracle Temple. Elder W.G. Baylor’s outreach for souls flourished, as he became known for his great revivals in such places as St. Louis, Missouri; East St. Louis, Illinois; Louisville, Philadelphia, Meridian and Lauderdale, Mississippi; Kansas City, Kansas; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Birmingham, Alabama and Kansas City, Missouri. He was known as the preacher who would walk on the top of the pews while preaching the Word of God.

His desire was to see his entire family saved; God honored his desire. Elder W.G. Baylor’s inspiration and teachings are ever present in the multitude of souls currently being won to Christ at Faith Miracle Temple.

"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith" I Timothy 4:7.

October 8, 1985 the Lord called this "Giant of a Man" to rest. The legacy of Elder Willie G. Baylor, Sr., will live forever and increase in significance as with most great men who have gone to the other side of life. We are privileged to have one of our Founders still with us, Mother Mattie E. Baylor. She has continued to work to help make Faith Miracle Temple the assembly it is today. Mother Baylor still gives countless hours of service in the various ministries of the church from the receiving room to the Director of the Senior’s Ministry also known as the Precious Roots.

From the ministry of our late founder, Elder Willie G. Baylor, Sr., three churches were birthed and one pastor:

1. Faith Tabernacle Church in Springfield, MO. Pastor Suffragan Bishop Jones Foote

2. Jesus Is All Church of God in St.Louis, MO Pastor Edward Payne

3. Faith Holiness Apostolic Church in E St.Louis, IL ?Pastor Ronnie Carter

4. El Bethel Temple in St. Louis, MO Pastor District Elder Elliot Coleman

After the passing of our founder, Elder Ronnie Carter, the Assistant Pastor, became the Pastor of Faith Miracle Temple for three years from 1985-1989. God moved Elder Carter to another part of the vineyard and Bishop James A. Johnson became the overseer of the church for one year. In 1990, Elder Larry J. Baylor became the pastor of Faith Miracle Temple with 30 members including the children.

Elder Larry J. Baylor was saved in Houston, Texas in 1980. God gave him a mind to fast and pray regularly after he was saved and after a short time in Houston, God sent him back home to St. Louis, Missouri to work with his father. Under the leadership of our pastor, Elder Larry J. Baylor, the work and vision of our founders has continued to become a reality. During Bible class one Thursday night, the Lord spoke to Elder Larry Baylor to encourage all the members to turn around and face the empty pews. He admonished the members to begin to thank God for all the people in the empty pews. The members received the Word from the Lord through the pastor, and began to praise the Lord and thank Jesus for the new souls. We kept praying for the souls we didn’t see for the Bible says in Hebrews 11:1, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen". National Evangelist I. C.Bonner preached a revival at Faith Miracle Temple; souls were baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost. God began adding to the church during this revival and eventually 2601 North Prairie Avenue was filled to capacity.

In 1996, 2601 North Prairie Avenue was sold and Faith Miracle Temple relocated to 4146 Grand Boulevard to St. John’s United Church of Christ. The pastor, Philip Hunger was a gracious man who allowed us to share the facility and continue our Tuesday night Prayer meeting, Thursday night Bible class, Sunday School and Sunday morning Worship Services. During this period, due to St. John’s lack of a baptismal facility, the late Suffragan Bishop Jesse Battle Sr. opened his church to allow us to baptize souls in Jesus’ name. We purchase 9.7 acres of land at 5320 North Highway 67, the location of our present edifice. In December of the same year, Elder Larry J. Baylor was joined in holy matrimony to Sister Tanika Williams. They continued to work together toward the building of Faith Miracle Temple.

On July 13, 1997, Faith Miracle Temple broke ground for our present location, 5320 North Highway 67, Florissant, Missouri. Mother Mattie E. Baylor was the first to break ground along with Pastor Larry J. Baylor, Deacon William Fedrick, and the newest member Natasha Swinney. The groundbreaking ceremony concluded with the launching of balloons in the air. The ceremony was officiated by Bishop James A. Johnson and also attended by the Late Mother Josephine B. Johnson. On Sunday, August 16, 1998, we held our first service in our new edifice. The theme: "We’ve Made it Over", was one of great joy and excitement. Another year has come and gone, many things have transpired, yet we are striving for Higher Ground - to God be the glory!